Candles? Yes - we use clean fragrances

Posted on November 12 2021

Candles? Yes - we use clean fragrances

Scented candles….mmmh, how much I’ve missed using them. Unfortunately, I’m one of the people who gets migraines with a majority of scented products on the market, including candles. Whenever someone asked me about making scented candles, my answer was “No, I’m sorry.” Yes, I could have used a respirator but I couldn’t get past offering products to others knowing how much trouble they were causing me personally. The fragrance market can be pretty shady unfortunately. I kept on searching and searching until I found scents that were marketed as “clean”. I decided to give it a try and to my surprise, no migraines. I’ve been testing those scents and candles for about 1.5 years. The time is here where I’m happy to announce the official release of our scented candles.


So what is it about the fragrances we use that makes them clean?

Have you heard about California's extensive Prop 65? If you are from California or you’ve visited in the past, you’ll know that California Prop 65 warning signs are literally in all businesses.

According to California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, this list contains a wide range of naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals that include additives or ingredients in pesticides, common household products, food, drugs, dyes, or solvents. Listed chemicals may also be used in manufacturing and construction, or they may be byproducts of chemical processes, such as motor vehicle exhaust.

With that being said, each of our candles are made with soy wax and free they are free of any phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, active toxins and whatever else is listed on California's Prop 65 list.

Come check them out today! Happy burning.

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