Rose of Jericho -Spiritual Plant- Manifestation

Rose of Jericho - Resurrection Flower - Spiritual Plant- Manifestation


The Rose of Jericho is laid out in a Fibonacci-like sequence with leaves that are akin to its moss-like brethren. This resilient plant takes care of itself by conserving its energy output when it has no water source. This conservation entails the leaves turning brown and it closing in on itself in the shape of a ball.

The Rose of Jericho can be resurrected with some water, to which its leaves will return their green hue and the leaves will unfurl as if its life had never left it. This plant is known to bring a sense of peace, prosperity, and abundance to oneself. While it may also assist in dispelling negative energy by emboldening healthy vibrations. This plant can be found mostly in the deserts of Mexico and the United States.



  • Measures approximately 3-4" dried.
  • Arrives in a small bag.



To use this plant, find a bowl large enough to allow for it to completely unfurl, as it is known to stretch itself. When transplanting, remove the plant from its container, placing it in outstretched hands meditate with it and funnel positive affirmations into it. After placing the Rose of Jericho in the desired bowl make sure to water it and to continue to change its water on a weekly basis.