Raw Opal Bar Necklace

Raw Ethiopian Opal Bar Necklace - Libra Zodiac Gifts - October Birthstone


When you wear this raw Ethiopian opal bar necklace, it’s like a rainbow of energy beaming off your chest. Let the light hit and feel heaven engulf you. This raw crystal necklace is rough and unpolished but its authenticity is what makes it beautiful; almost as if a direct reflection of the inner child within all of us. These gemstones may look delicate but its power is anything but that. Ethiopian opal is believed to transmute surrounding destructive energies, protecting the wearer wherever they go! Did you know it’s also October’s birthstone? With its powerful energy but its calm boho feel, this is a perfect gift for her!


  • October Birthstone necklace
  • Connects to the crown chakra and corresponding color
  • Bar measures approximately 1.5" from one loop to another
  • 14K Gold Fill, Sterling Silver or 14K Rose Gold Fill finish. Chains available in Cable and Flat Cable Style.
  • Chain length 16" - 20"
  • Made to order. Pictures are samples.