Picture Jasper Wire-Wrapped Ring - Dainty Jasper Ring - Root Chakra Jewelry

Picture Jasper Wire-Wrapped Ring - Dainty Jasper Ring - Root Chakra Je


US Ring Size
Bead Size and Wire Color
Picture Jasper is known to be a supremely nurturing stone. It is grounding and stabilizing, providing comfort, security, strength, and healing. This stone is great for balancing the aura and for releasing any blockages that no longer benefit you.

Picture Jasper by nature has a lot of variety, so you will see differences in pattern and color. The bead size in the photos is 6mm, but 8mm is available.

~Wrapped rings are made to order in US sizes 4-8.5. Please message
me if you need a larger size.
~You can choose between Copper, Silver-plated, Sterling Silver, and 14K Yellow Gold Fill wire.
~Beads come in either 6mm or 8mm size. Please choose the one you would like from the options.

Your ring will be made to order. Please view pictures for samples. Because it’s one-of-a-kind, you’re likely to see slight differences in your finished piece. I will happily show you what I have available if you wish. Just message me.

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