Inner Child Collective Quantum Healing Session

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This Collective Quantum Healing Session will focus on Inner Child Healing.

This session involves clearings, downloads and activations with the intention to clear wounding pertaining to inner child wounds. It is an intense energy healing session for those still struggling with their upbringing and inner child wounds.

The session will be conducted remotely so you don’t need to do anything to participate. You can expect energetic shifts to happen during and after the session. A report with the findings will be send to you via email.

It will be a remote event, so you can participate from anywhere.

What are Collective Quantum Healing Sessions?

Everything in the universe, including our bodies and minds, is composed of energy and interconnected through the energy field and patterns.

During Collective Quantum Healing Sessions, we are uniting with other souls for a similar purpose creating an energetic container. This energetic container amplifies the intention of work to be done.

How does Angie work?

Angie works with the energy systems of the body, mind, and soul to address and dissolve root causes of imbalances, blockages, beliefs, programs, etc. to promote and optimize overall wellness and purification in the energetic patterns and vibrations. 

Session will be conducted on Wednesday, Aug 30, 2023